Seafoam Rose Bush - Organic Grown White Rose 4 Inch Container

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Seafoam Rose 

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Seafoam rose will create a cascade of light, frothy white flowers in the garden. A low growing rose; Seafoam rose grows to 2 feet tall and spreads out to 4 feet. The gracing arching branches are covered in masses of pure white blooms all summer.  A hardy shrub or ground cover rose; Seafoam rose is ideal for gardens in USDA zone 5-9 and is heat and cold tolerant. Seafoam rose is a carefree rose with deep green disease resistant foliage. Our healthy roses are ready to be planted in your garden upon arrival. 

PESTICIDE-FREE: All of our plants are grown with sustainable organic methods.
MATURE SIZE: 2-3 feet High x 3-4 feet Wide
COLOR: Snow white
BLOOM SIZE: Blooms with 15+ petals per bloom
FOLIAGE: Dark green
GROWS BEST IN: Full sun with well-drained soil
SHIPPED IN: 4 inch container, grown on own root

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