Blaze Rose Bush Improved - Organic Climbing Rose 4 Container

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The beauty of scarlet-red flowers all summer long! Blaze Improved is the next generation of Blaze rose making this popular climbing rose even better than before. A vigorous climber, Blaze rose will scale a trellis, camouflage a fence or grace an arbor in just a few short growing seasons. The medium green foliage is disease resistant, tidy and the perfect foil for the brilliant red blooms that literally cascade down this rose in a waterfall of color. An own root rose, Blaze rose is cold hardy down to USDA growing zone 5 and heat tolerant up to zone 10, making it a versatile rose for any garden.

An exuberant growing rose, Blaze, will reach a height of 10-12 feet and spread out to 8 feet wide. The canes are very sturdy and easy to train. Feed Blaze once in the spring with a slow release organic rose fertilizer and again mid-season. Regular watering will increase bloom production and vigor. Grow this climbing rose in full sun for best results.

Our healthy roses are ready to be planted in your garden upon arrival.

PESTICIDE-FREE: All of our plants are grown with sustainable organic methods.
MATURE SIZE: 10' tall x 8' wide
FRAGRANCE: Sweet tea
COLOR: Scarlet red
BLOOM SIZE:Double petal blooms, with 20 - 45 petals per bloom
FOLIAGE: Dark green
GROWS BEST IN: Full sun with well-drained soil

SHIPPED IN: in container with soil actively growing

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