Ediths Darling ® Rose Bush Own Root - A Downton Abbey ® Rose

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Edith's Darling ® rose is named in honor of Marigold, Edith's daughter on the popular PBS series Downton Abbey®. The blooms are reminiscent of English style roses with over 60 petals per flower. The lovely apricot yellow blooms have ruffled, cupped flowers with deep golden centers, blending to pale yellow at the outer edges, and a fresh, fruity scent increases their charm. This graceful plant includes strong stems for cutting. The shrub's exceptionally compact habit and lush green foliage make it ideal for planting in containers on porches and decks, or flanking walkways and paths. Performs especially well in drier climates, and plants are grown on their own roots to come back dependably year after year. Suited for zones 5-9 and matures to 2-3 feet tall by 2-3 feet wide.

This rose ships in the spring.

PESTICIDE-FREE: All of our plants are grown with sustainable organic methods.
MATURE SIZE: 2-3 feet High x 2-3 feet Wide
SHIPPED IN: 5" x 2.5" container actively growing
FRAGRANCE: Fresh fruity citrus
COLOR: apricot yellow with gold centers
BLOOM SIZE: Full blooms with 60+ petals per bloom
FOLIAGE: Dark green, semi-glossy
GROWS BEST IN: Full sun with well-drained soil

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