Gladiolus 'Mixed Assortment' (Per 25 14+Cm Corms)
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Gladiolus 'Mixed Assortment' (Per 25 14+Cm Corms)

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  • BLOOM TIME: Summer
  • MATURE SIZE: 48-60", Stake or protect from wind!
  • GROWS BEST IN: Full sun in well-drained soil. If possible, protect from wind.
  • USE FOR: Cutflowers, accents in perennial borders
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Gladiolus 'Mixed Assortment' (Per 25 14+Cm Corms Free Shipping)

Gladiolus are the perfect, easy to grow cut flower, and a magnificent accent for the summer garden.Their sword-like foliage and tall impressive flower spikes, make striking accents in the mixed flower border. For best garden effect, plant in groups of six or more of a single color, or grow dozens of them in a bed reserved for cutting.

How to Grow Gladiolus: Plant in well-drained soil in full sun 4-6" deep and in tight groups 2-4" apart, and protect from wind if possible. For extended bloom time, plant corms at two week intervals starting in early spring until the end of June. Cut stems for cut flowers when 1/3 of the blooms are open. Hardy in zones 8-11; elsewhere treat as an annual, or dig them in the fall and store over winter.


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