Laguna ™ Rose Bush Fragrant Pink Climbing Rose Plant Potted

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Laguna ™ rose bush produces luscious, large saturated deep pink blooms with a knockout fragrance, making this hardy climbing rose a winner in any garden! Deep magenta-pink blooms have a lovely old-fashioned, double form and appear in clusters of 6 to 8 from spring until frost. Dense, glossy, dark green foliage covers the bushy, upright plant. A robust and vigorous rose bush, Laguna will want a trellis, pergola, or other structure to climb and bloom on. Boasts a high level of disease resistance. PP 16,936 KORadigel

Grown organically at our licensed farm and plant nursery in Oregon!

FRAGRANCE: strong citrus / lemongrass
COLOR: Magenta pink
USDA HARDINESS: Zone 5-9, grown on own root
HEIGHT: 8 feet tall x 3 feet wide
PETAL COUNT: 40+ petals per bloom
FOLIAGE: Glossy, dark green
SHIPPED IN: 2.85 x 2.85 x 5 inch deep root container, fully rooted and growing - see photos. 
AWARDS: Fragrance Award & Silver Certificate in Climbers 2012, Rose Trials of the Hague, Netherlands
PHOTOS: Courtesy of ©Kordes via Hybridizer: Kordes, 2004

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