Organic Yellow Onion Sets 1 Pound - Fall Shippingl

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  • CONTAINS: Approximately 140-160 onion sets
  • DAYS TO HARVEST: 90-110 Days, or much earlier for green salad onions
  • SOLD IN: 1 pound
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Organic Yellow Stuttgarter Onion Sets - Free Shipping For Fall - 1 Pound


Onion sets are small starter onions available for fall planting. Sets are more dependable and easier than seeding or planting transplants, and they grow easily in any good garden soil. Place them 3 to 6 inches apart in rows at least a foot apart. In the following spring they are ready to harvest when the tops begin to fall over; then just pull them from the soil and let them cure in a dry, airy location for 14 days. You can either braid the tops or cut them off, and store the onions in a dark, cool, dry location at a temperature below 55 degrees F.

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